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Ginger Bear

2010 – 2024

We will remember happier days when Ginger could romp around with Stella and Luna. She loved her big backyard, and she loved her beach with its great, big ocean.

The Richardsons & The Dav...
Pet Parent: The Richardsons & The Davis Family
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
Here at Best Friends, animals have such a special place in our lives. We honor those pets we’ve loved and those who need our help today. At Best Friends, we keep pets in our hearts


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A Ginger appreciation

Ginger Bear was Liz’s Mother’s (my late wife Kitty’s) second dog.
Ginger was a strong dog. At the beach I designed a 1/2 in dia by 2 ft long steel rod with fittings to be driven 18 in into the sand to hold Ginger’s 25 ft retractable leash. Ginger took off after something, there was a ‘sprong’ sound as the retractable leash mechanism disintegrated and the 1/2 in rod bent.
After a return to the design table a 5/8 in dia rod (twice as strong than the 1/2 in rod) with a retractable leash for a dog twice Ginger’s weight worked well and went with us to Hatteras for many years.
After my wife’s death Ginger went to live with Liz and Kim (and their two dogs) whose backyard had more than 12 times the area of ours. This was one of the factors resulting in Ginger’s receiving superb care.

William (Bill) Richardson
William Richardson
bird pebble
Ginger was always so sweet, one of my favorite memories of her was how she took to Olivia and sat close to her when we did backyard Topsfield Fair at your house. ❤️ I know Ginger meant so much to the Davis family, both as a beloved pet and a link to Liz’s mom, and I am thinking for you all as you process this grief. May her memory bring you joy.
Melissa Chang
Orange paw pebble
Ginger was such a sweet girl and even as a late edition, she slid right into the Davis pack as if she’d always been there. I loved how she was always so interested in Rudy - like “What’s he doing now?” 1 min later - “What’s he doing now?” Such a sweet, happy girl. Sending love to all the Davises
Anna DiPerna
love heart
Ginger had the best disposition and the best fur. She loved her mom and you guys were so faithful to take her in. I know she is so happy to be reunited with your mom.
Cara Smith
paw pebble
Ginger was a sweet, beautiful girl. She was inquisitive, gentle, and loved her family.
Renae Britt
Orange paw pebble
Love for an animal is the purest form of love. It asks for nothing and radiates around us. To mourn and animal is to mourn that light, that warmth, and the little moments between the big ones. Rest in peace Ginger Bear. And may your family find peace in knowing that you are safe and waiting for them with all of the other amazing creatures on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
Casey Jones
Forever rock