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2008 – 2023

Prim lived to nearly 16 (!) and we were so lucky to share 13 of those years with her. She joined us on adventures in 2 states, 2 countries, swimming in the waters of 2 oceans, and living at no fewer than 7 addresses. Her energy, resilience, and love were truly as boundless as her hunger.

Through it all, she was always eager to go for a walk, chase a ball, and lick away our tears. We could really use her help with those now.

If you feel motivated to do something to remember Prim, then the next time you’re in Seattle, make your way up to Fremont. Take the Burke-Gilman trail toward Ballard, then cut over to Leary Way. Eventually, you’ll see one of those vibrant Henry murals on your right.

And if you look closely, there’s a surprise: Prim will be looking right back at you. Clear the ivy from her face so she can see the people, the neighborhood, the city, our world.

And, of course, tell her that she was such a good girl. The best.

RIP Prim Huhta
aka #bestdogever
Seattle, Washington – Dublin, Ireland
2008 – 2023

Jon & Marja
Pet Parent
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
Here at Best Friends, animals have such a special place in our lives. We honor those pets we’ve loved and those who need our help today. At Best Friends, we keep pets in our hearts


Leaving a personal story, memory, or words of support for a pet’s family is a heartfelt way to pay tribute and provide comfort. As part of your remembrance, we also invite you to leave a virtual token along with your words — similar to our tradition here at the Sanctuary of leaving stones, beloved items, or small toys on the graves of cherished animals.
What a lovely page you set up for Prim. We visited her mural when in Seattle and loved seeing her smile. Our condolences.
Jeremy and Sue Citro
Orange paw pebble