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2008 – 2024

Henry came into our lives as a little ball of black fluff in 2008.
While he was allegedly a toy poodle, he believed he was a cat and wanted nothing more than to curl up in warm spots, bake in the sun and sit on your lap.
He loved cheesy eggs and could tell time - especially if it was breakfast or dinner time.
He would dance with excitement to see his favorite people, bark at anyone who he didn't recognize and ignore you if he felt that you had slighted him.
In his later years, as his eyes functioned less and less for him - he relied on his nose to keep track of his family. He was always on the heels of Mom, and would touch his nose to the back of her leg to let her know that he was there.
He loved when his kid came home from work and would lay on the floor to snuggle him for a few moments.
Henry was a best friend, a confidant, a menace and a hater of car rides.
His loss is felt in the silence around his home.

We will never forget our little dancing dude - tell Cooper, Lulu and Mr. Rude hello from us. See you again Lil Dog.
Your Mom

Kay Wolfson
Pet Parent
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
Here at Best Friends, animals have such a special place in our lives. We honor those pets we’ve loved and those who need our help today. At Best Friends, we keep pets in our hearts


Leaving a personal story, memory, or words of support for a pet’s family is a heartfelt way to pay tribute and provide comfort. As part of your remembrance, we also invite you to leave a virtual token along with your words — similar to our tradition here at the Sanctuary of leaving stones, beloved items, or small toys on the graves of cherished animals.