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Grizabeau (Griz)


Grizabeau was the best cat! I’ve shared my life with many cats over the years, and although all are unique, Griz was a standout! He came to my porch in very poor condition, sores, ragged ears and very thin. After feeding him and talking quietly, he eventually let me treat his wounds and medicate his food. I had him neutered and they reported he was the oldest male they treated, possibly ten or twelve. He was also FIV +. I brought him inside when I felt he was not contagious to my other cats.I was fostering kittens for the local shelter. He quickly fit in and to my surprise, he took over kitten duties of caring and cleaning them! What a sweetheart! I had the pleasure to care for Griz for four years before he lost sight in one eye and passed in his sleep. I grieve his kind ways and loving personality. Second chances for animals not only enriches their lives, but also brings love and compassion into our lives!
Until we all meet again! Love, Clare

Clare Gee
Pet Parent
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
Here at Best Friends, animals have such a special place in our lives. We honor those pets we’ve loved and those who need our help today. At Best Friends, we keep pets in our hearts


Leaving a personal story, memory, or words of support for a pet’s family is a heartfelt way to pay tribute and provide comfort. As part of your remembrance, we also invite you to leave a virtual token along with your words — similar to our tradition here at the Sanctuary of leaving stones, beloved items, or small toys on the graves of cherished animals.