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A Best Friends Angels Rest Pet Memorial

Lukas Schrager

2006 – 2020

You were my greatest "failure" as a foster. You came to me from Best Friends through Yorkie911. I am forever grateful to both. I miss your softest licks and holding you in my arms. My heart will ache until we are together again.

Ami Schrager
Pet Parent
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
We believe in honoring the lives of pets
Here at Best Friends, animals have such a special place in our lives. We honor those pets we’ve loved and those who need our help today. At Best Friends, we keep pets in our hearts


Leaving a personal story, memory, or words of support for a pet’s family is a heartfelt way to pay tribute and provide comfort. As part of your remembrance, we also invite you to leave a virtual token along with your words — similar to our tradition here at the Sanctuary of leaving stones, beloved items, or small toys on the graves of cherished animals.
Lukie Bear,

Since you left, I have missed you two times...day and night. I have so many memories of you crawling and balancing on my knee for attention when I would pet Buttercup. Thankfully, mommy caught one of those pictures and I have it in a safe place.

Rest easy, my fuzzy friend.
Wendy Y. Smith
love heart
We will forever be bonded by Lukas' and Meteor's shared birthday, now known as insurrection day. And from him being Beanie's twin, as long as they weren't side by side. Miss that little flufferbutt.
Jennifer-jo Moyer
paw pebble
I was so blessed to have met you, and seen you several times at your Mom's parties. God bless you in Heaven, Daring Lukas. You are greatly missed.
Judith Block
paw pebble
We miss our prom King. He was truly the best prom king around. Lukas touched many hearts and will always be remembered. Forget in our hearts .
Dee Ferrer
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